Become a Holistic Healer

Become the Healer of Your Home & Your Community,

WITHOUT the Need for Pharmaceutical Drugs with Harmful Side Effects, Hospitals, Doctors, or even Dentists

Build a Profitable Online Health Coaching Business


Are you interested in becoming a nutritionist, health coach, an herbalist or a naturopath,?

Are you ready to get a deep and comprehensive picture of holistic health and healing and learn from the top healers in our day?

You can become more knowledgeable about holistic health and healing than most medical doctors who have graduated from medical school, without having to spend years of time on an expensive medical degree.

You can become a confident, effective, holistic healer, and build a business that empowers you to achieve time, location, and financial freedom.

I’m Mayim Vega, a Naturopathic Herbalist & Holistic Life Coach, and this is exactly what I’ve accomplished, and I can show you how.

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I'll show you what I learned in order to become a confident, effective holistic healer, and how you can achieve the same.

How is the Arukah Holistic Healer Certification different from everything else I’ve seen?

That's a great question. Here's 3 reasons why the Arukah Method is in a class of its own when it comes to a holistic approach to health, healing, and living a holistic life.

Rooted in the Creator

We give glory to God. The Creator of heaven and earth is also the Great Physician. He can heal everything - from sickness and disease to broken hearts and homes. He has fearfully and wonderfully designed the human body to heal when we give it what it needs. Everything we do is based on evidence, logic, experience, and trust in the Creator.

Our 3 Core Pillars

The number 3 is the foundation of stability. The 3 core pillars that make our program unique and comprehensive are 1) naturopathic herbalism, 2) holistic life coaching, and 3) online business & marketing. This triad is the perfect foundation for creating confident & effective holistic healers.

Standing on Giants

In order to be the best, you need to learn from the best. Our program features learning material from the leaders in their field, both now and in history. You will learn the leading philosophies & practices of the top healers, which includes herbalists, naturopaths, holistic medical doctors and scientists.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Holistic Healer?

Great question. Here's my top 10 reasons I'm so grateful to the Creator for leading me to become a confident & effective holistic healer...

1) My family has never had to go to the hospital or see a conventional medical doctor.

2) We know how to treat every health issue that has come our way naturally.

3) We use only holistic methods such as supplements, herbs, rest, diet, etc. for healing.

4) We save over $800 every month on health insurance because we just don't need it.

5) Instead of paying for health insurance, we use it to buy healthy food and supplements.

6) I am able to help family and friends who come to me for health advice.

7) Medical doctors, nurses, and other health workers come to me for health advice - even though I have no medical degree.

8) I have built an online business helping people learn how to get healthy, heal, and start their online business.

9) I've been able to surpass my NASA income and homeschool my 9 children w/my knowledge in online business & marketing.

10) I never had to worry about losing my job for not getting the C0\/1d \/@cc1n3.


Top 3 Myths About Becoming a Healer

These are some common false beliefs that people hold about becoming a healer.
We need to make sure that if you have any of these in your head you need to let them go first.

MYTH 1: You need to be licensed

You do NOT need a license to heal. There are thousands of unlicensed naturopaths, herbalists, and health coaches helping people with their health and healing. Holistic healers do NOT need a license, but they do need to know what they're doing. That's what our school is here for. We teach you health and healing from the masters in holistic health and healing, many of whom also have NO medical license.

MYTH 2: It takes many years of study

Doctors normally spend 10-14 years in medical school and residency. Sadly, after all this training, most still don't even know anything about true health and healing. They are trained to diagnose, and then treat disease by prescribing toxins and cutting out necessary body parts. Just a tenth of that time in our school will enable you to know much more about how to build true health and healing.

MYTH 3: It costs a lot of money

Doctors and nurses can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for a medical or nursing degree and residency. And then, if they wake up from the medical matrix, many of them come to learn at for just a fraction of the cost, after they realize their education did not train them in health and healing methods that are natural and sustainable and don't cause other problems and side effects.

Now that you know these myths are completely FALSE, what does this mean?

It means YOU CAN DO THIS! You can become a healer!

What's holding you back?

Here are some common reasons why people DON'T invest in themselves and their health and healing.

1) They Think It's Too Hard

Well, it certainly isn't easy. But I believe it's much harder to be sick. It's much harder to realize after years of failure from the medical system that all the money, time, and trust you put into the medical system only made you sicker and possibly even closer to death. We have several health care workers in our program because that's exactly what they see in their workplace. But our certification program isn't really that hard. Most of our materials are in audiobook format so you can listen to it while you're driving, doing chores, watching the children, etc. The assignments aren't a bunch of nerve-wracking tests and memorization of endless facts. They are designed to help you build your business from the start.

2) They Think It's Too Expensive

It certainly is an investment, but the amount of money I have SAVED in hospital, doctor, and pharmaceutical bills will pay for itself in no time. If you understand how to heal yourself, you will actually save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. Not to mention, understanding how holistic health and healing is a valuable skill, so you are investing not only in your health, but also in your financial future. Our program includes a module specifically on online business & marketing because this is the business model that has blessed me to be a homeschool of mom while running a profitable online business.

3) They Think It Takes Too Much Time

There are a lot cheap programs that can be finished in 6 months or less with not much studying at all. However we have seen that these programs do not produce confident or effective healers. Many of them continue to look for further courses and certifications because there's were inadequate. Our program can be finished in one year with diligence and focus, and if you need to take longer, that's absolutely fine, because our program is self-paced and you can take as long as you need because we're on YOUR schedule.

Can Health Coaching as a Naturopathic Herbalist be Profitable? You bet! Here are some of the TOP niches:

  • Behavioral support for children (ADD, ADHD, Resilience)
  • Autoimmunity (Celiac, AIP, Hashimoto’s, Thyroid)
  • Diabetes (diagnoses, pre-Diabetic)
  • Male weight loss and body transformation (nutrition and fitness)
  • Gut health (IBS, bowels, SIBO, bloating, gas, weight loss, elimination diet)
  • Body positivity and body image (emotional eating, intuitive eating)
  • Mood disorders (anxiety, depression, being present)
  • Skin healing (eczema/psoriasis/acne)
  • Stress reduction (meditation, mindfulness)
  • EMF exposure reduction & recovering from EMF effects
  • Helping people recover from trauma (PTSD)
  • Guiding people in transitioning to a primary plant-based diet

All the above are just in the health coaching the life coaching or personal development area, we have: Personal Transformation, Productivity, Leadership, Career Development, Parenting & Relationships, Personal Brand Buildling, Creativity, Self-Esteem, Stress Management, Memory & Study Skills, Motivation, and so much more!

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Redox - My #1 Supplement for Health & Healing

One of the first supplements I recommend to people, regardless of their condition, is a foundational one. It is safe, effective, natural, and easy to use regardless of age. It improves your immune system, inflammatory response, cardiovascular health, digestive health, and hormone balance.

Naturopaths and medical doctors also use it as a tool for detoxification from pharmaceutical poisons and injections. People use it to speed-up healing and recovery, get off medications and even avoid surgery.


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