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About Mayim, Founder of Arukah.com

Mayim Vega was formerly a Computer Scientist / Engineer at the NASA Ames Research Center. When she started her own family, she saw that the modern medical system was broken. She took her family's health into her own hands by studying the top healers of our day. Mayim started Arukah.com, the Holistic Life Academy in 2009 to help people attain holistic health and healing through the Arukah Method. In 2021, Arukah.com began offering the Holistic Healer certification program to train people in nutrition, herbalism, naturopathy, and holistic life coaching. Her goal is to create an army of much-needed holistic healers that will pave the way to the future of healthcare.

Download Mayim's BIO (Gdoc/PDF)

This is probably the most popular podcast interview Mayim has been on. Here she discusses her healing journey and one of the most amazing herbal formulas.

"There are so many positive things I could say about Mayim Vega. She possesses extensive knowledge of health issues. My family and I never hesitate to contact her immediately whenever we have any questions. I’d recommend her 100% any day!"

Dr. Gilsa Zorrilla, M.D.

"Mayim has helped me tremendously over the last 3 years in my journey toward healing. There have been multiple times that I have inquired and received invaluable wisdom and knowledge from her."

Rivkah Jaton Maddox

"She has helped us on multiple occasions with life lessons, health counseling and business insights that you know are coming from a person of great knowledge and wisdom. If you have the pleasure of getting to know her I'm sure you will agree."

Dr. Ark Pizarro, M.D.